The Design-Build "White Paper

Harking back to the days of the "Master Builder" during the middle ages with the integrated design and construction of the great Cathedrals, or even further back to the days of the pyramids, the design-build delivery method is enjoying a great resurgence.  In fact, the Design Build Institute of America projects that by the year 2021, $350 Billion (with a 'B') worth of work will be put in place using this delivery method.  Please click here for a brief "white paper" on the topic.

Managing Project Expectations


One of the most challenging tasks for an Architecture Firm is managing expectations, for both the design and engineering process and the final constructed project. As with most things in life, the first step is for us to listen. We listen to you express your wants, needs, and expectations for the project; weigh the wants and needs against the expectations; and then communicate to you our thoughts on how they match up. Perhaps you want a project completed in 6 months when we know that it will actually take closer to 18 months, or maybe you want a 50,000 sq.ft. light industrial building on a budget of $2,000,000, but we know a building such as this will be closer to $5,500,000. It is absolutely crucial for us to understand and communicate openly up front in order to set the expectations properly. Only in this way, can we achieve a mutually successful project.  Pleas click here for our Managing Expectations brochure.

Project Delivery Methods


There are numerous project delivery methods that can be used to complete your project. By “delivery method”, we mean the way in which your project gets designed, bid, and actually constructed. These methods include the “traditional” design-bid-build, design-build, many types of construction management (CM) arrangements, integrated project delivery (IPD), and engineer/procure/construct (EPC), to name some.

Please click here for our brochure on project delivery methods.

The Project Process


In general, there are 5 phases to the design, engineering, and construction of a project. There are many variations of the process, and some phases are not always required. There are numerous sources of information on this topic, but Serenity Architecture typically follows the process detailed here.

Architectural Fees

  There are numerous ways to calculate architectural and engineering fees for your project, including lump sum (fixed fee), percentage of construction cost, hourly rate, and cost-plus. We discuss the fee calculation process here.