Serenity Architecture's President, Robert Jordan, has nearly 25 years of experience in numerous project sectors, including automotive R&D, light industrial, heavy industrial, municipal, office, commercial, healthcare, education, and residential.  Project types include greenfield, renovation, addition, tenant buildout, development, land planning, construction administration, and Client representation, to name a few.  In addition to being a Licensed Architect in 10 states, Mr. Jordan is also a REALTOR and Director with Merrill Real Estate Services, and President of Spectre Imaging, Architectural and Outdoor Photography.  Mr. Jordan's Corporate resume may be found here



Serenity is not just a word to us, nor did we choose it just because it sounds cool (though, it does). Serenity is the foundation of a philosophy in which we believe very strongly. This foundation has been hard won by Firm Principal; Robert Jordan, AIA, NCARB; over nearly 25 years in the business, and has been developed by him in response to many project experiences, both good and bad. Perhaps like Tommy Bahama or Jimmy Buffett, we are selling the idea as much as the product itself. Most Firms that you will talk to can do the work and give you a passable product. However, the journey, as they say, is as important as the destination.

Therefore, “Serenity” is the cornerstone of our vision, for both the project process and the end-product.

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We strive to provide a project process that is as stress free as possible for both the You and Serenity Architecture Co. We accomplish this by first ensuring that we clearly understand Your wants and needs at the proposal stage and that we clearly communicate any potential challenges at that time. Starting with a clear understanding up front; educating You on the project process; managing Your expectations; and maintaining communication throughout the project, with items such as a weekly project report, scope management log, and schedule management log; are all keys to achieving “Serenity” for all and a successful project. Another key is simple professionalism and a calm demeanor on our part. There can be many, many outside influences on a project, and it is up to us to take these in stride, reassure you that all is well, and deal with them in an efficient and professional manner.


We believe that while architecture can be considered a technical exercise, the end-product must be much more than the sum of the technical parts and pieces. Architecture, no matter grand or humble, no matter industrial or residential, should create a sense of space that gives us comfort and solace, while fulfilling its intended purpose. This goal should be accomplished through an economy of design and budget, and the project should be a true product of its site whenever practical. Further, energy efficiency and responsibility should also always be a driving factor in the design and engineering, where practical. At the end, no matter the budget or intended use, the spaces that we create should be pleasant and comforting and should enhance, not detract from, our lives. At the very least, this can be accomplished through space proportions and layout, color selections, and natural lighting.


Serenity Architecture Co. is dedicated to providing built environments and landscapes that enhance Your life and well-being, and we strive to develop a close relationship with You so that we can meet this critical need. As importantly, we are also dedicated to living up to our Firm name and providing You with a project experience that allows all of us to maintain our “Serenity”, with as little stress as possible. We welcome the opportunity to work with You on Your very important project and we commit to You that we will always put forward our best effort to live up to our name, and that Your vision and needs will always be our first priority.